Google confirms that its Nearby Share feature is coming soon
Google confirms that its Nearby Share feature is coming soon

Google has confirmed that the "Nearby Share" function will start soon (reading service). Some Android users are testing a beta version of the feature.

It was confirmed after several leaks and accidental signs last year. The job was originally called (Quick Sharing), Google renamed it (Sharing nearby) and then Renamed it (Sharing nearby).

This feature was first released in the Canary version of the Chrome OS earlier this month, indicating that the feature is also used on Chromebooks.

Google said: We're currently testing the new "Close Sharing" feature, and we're planning to share more information in the future, and our goal is to support Android 6 devices without support on other platforms (including Windows, Mac, and Chrome) with the functionality of the new Android versions. .

Share Nearby appears to be available as Android version of Apple (AirDrop) feature, which is available in all Apple products from iPhone to iPad to Mac. So you can use it on nearby Android phones. Transfer files wirelessly and quickly.

It is said, this feature can be used for photos and videos, as well as links and tweets, and you cannot use it to send random messages to strangers.

The user must first define the function and make the phone visible via the "Quick Parameters" field before receiving the content. It must accept the received file manually before opening the file, and the functional parameter allows it. Set who can see the device and how to edit the content.

Samsung is developing a similar function called (Quick Share), which allows you to send files to up to five friends at the same time, while the Apple (AirDrop) function can transfer files to one person.

The main feature of Near Share is that it can be used with Android products from different manufacturers, while Quick Share currently only applies to Samsung devices.

It is not known when the close sharing feature will be widely used on Android devices, but the beta test means it is not too far away.

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