Google is trying a Chromebook with a dual touch screen
Google is trying a Chromebook with a dual touch screen

New insights indicate that Google wants to introduce a new look for Chrome OS, a Chromebook with two touch screens.

For dual-screen laptops, the second screen can be used to display the keyboard or other things like the Lenovo Yoga Book C930, which may sound strange, but the features are quite wide.

Over the years, Chrome OS has benefited from devices of various shapes such as laptops, desktop computers, tablets, integrated devices, etc.

In recent years, manufacturers have started experimenting with laptops and tablets with two screens.

Asustek has released a dual-screen laptop called ZenBook Duo Pro, which runs on Windows while Microsoft has developed a Windows 10x operating system that was originally used for dual-screen devices, including Surface tablets. Neo. .

With that in mind, it's not surprising that Google sees Chromebook computers developing Chrome OS internally called "Palkia" (Palkia). The technical data contained two screens and a trackpad.

There are indications that (Palkia), like any regular Chromebook, may include an internal touch screen and an external touch screen that appears when the device is turned off.

The icon also indicates that tablet mode and required hardware sensors in Palkia are usually disabled, which means the new device is a traditional laptop, not a convertible device or tablet.

The second screen can be used as a dedicated game console or as a way to grab a pen, while the home screen can still be used for other purposes and you can run two Android apps side by side.

However, current signs indicate that (Palkia) is a prototype of the experiment and not a product that can be purchased soon.

Google appears to be getting ready to use Chromebooks on many touch screens in the future, and trying to keep up with the trend of Windows laptop computers with a second integrated screen.

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