Google officially supports dark mode in the desktop app
Google officially supports dark mode in the desktop app

Google announced on Monday that its desktop app supports dark mode: (documents), spreadsheets, and slides (Android).

"We are working hard to improve Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides on Android by supporting a darker theme," the tech giant said in an article. "This intelligently adjusts the product interface and user generation. The dark appearance of the content makes it usable in dimly lit environments and saves battery power."

Google said: All Android users will have a dark appearance in the next two weeks. Users can activate the dark theme in documents, spreadsheets or presentations by accessing related application settings. The company added that these applications automatically use the appearance of the system. If the device uses a dark theme, users will not have to manually activate it in these applications.

Last year, Google promised to support the dark theme in all apps. Since then, it has added this functionality to many applications, including Google Search, Gmail, and Google Calendar.

It should be noted that in recent years, dark mode support has become a common feature in most Android and iOS mobile applications and services for computers. Windows 10 operating system.

The dark mode is designed so that the user's eyes feel especially comfortable at night. It also has a useful function of the device as it can save battery power, especially in devices with OLED screens.

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