Google supports rental bikes directions in its maps
Google supports rental bikes directions in its maps

Google announced on Monday that bike orientation functionality has been expanded in Map Services as more and more people depend on bike travel.

The tech giant of America said in an article: Since February last year, the direction of bicycles in (Google Maps) has increased by almost 69%, and the number of orders in the past month has reached an all-time high. .

Google added bike path functionality to its mapping service about 10 years ago. This feature is now used in more than 30 countries / regions around the world and used by millions of people every day.

The company said: "As bike habits change, especially with the development of COVID-19, we will continue to update this information to help you find the most reliable bike path."

The company said it combines machine learning and sophisticated algorithms to facilitate user access to the latest bike paths, and to understand reality through images and data provided by government agencies and communities.

And Google added, "We also took into account different types of bike paths and nearby roads that may not be suitable for your bike, such as tunnels, stairs, and difficult ground conditions, to help you get the best bike paths and smoother roads. You may also notice whether the road is flat or steep. , So you know whether you're on a relatively easy trip or a trip that makes your heart beat faster. "

Starting today, Google Maps displays bike paths with parked bike sharing services like Citi Bike in New York or Santander Cycles in London. This new service introduces walking paths to the nearby pier, bike paths from one pier to another, and finally walking paths from the pier to the final destination.

This new service comes from Google and has encouraged some cities to ride bikes so people can move environmentally and maintain social distance during the epidemic (Covid-19).

Google says: The feature will be launched in 10 cities in the coming weeks: Chicago, New York, the San Francisco Bay Area, Washington DC, London, Mexico, Montreal, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Taipei and the new Taipei City - and I will add some in the future there will be more cities per month.

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