Google uses Android to track the use of competing applications
Google uses Android to track the use of competing applications

According to the latest report from The Information, Google Android is used to track the use of competing applications.

Google's internal program (Android Lockbox) allows company employees to access information about how Android users interact with popular apps and services that are not part of Google.

The software can be run through Google Mobile Services (GMS). This means that employees can view confidential data in other applications, including the number of openings and the period of use.

According to sources, the information was used to track Gmail competitors or monitor Facebook and Instagram usage.

The research giant is also believed to be using this information to chart its competitor's Tic-Tock (shorts) list.

This information indicates that Google employees may need to request permission to view this data in some cases. Sometimes these requests are rejected.

Google uses Android to track use of competing apps, and the company's business in the U.S. is subject to extensive cartel reviews.

The company's managing director, Sundar Pichai, will testify in Congress because the company will undergo antitrust investigations from nearly every state in the United States and the Department of Justice is expected to plan the Cartel case.

Although people believe that these surveys focus on the company's research and advertising business, inappropriate commercial practices related to Android are not likely to be found.

This information indicates that (Android Password Box) will receive the most useful information if the user agrees to provide information to Google during the Android setup process.

Users are told that data can help Google provide a more personalized experience. However, the information said: It also provides data for competitive searches.

In response to the report (information), Google acknowledged that it can access usage data in competing applications, but said: The software is public and other developers can access similar data.

However, since the software covers all devices that have the Google app preinstalled on it, the program is assumed to have a much greater impact on Google and only other software developers can view the mobile phone information on which the application is located.

Google said: The data does not provide information about how people behave when using a single application, but it remains to be clarified that this data has been used to develop competing applications.

The report states that the data collected is anonymous and it is not possible to identify it personally. Google said: The data collection has been detected and taken over by users.

Company spokesperson said: Since 2014, Google and Android developers approved by manufacturers or Android users have been using usage data for Android applications. To access basic data on using the app to analyze and improve services.

The spokesperson said that application usage information is only available through APIs and can be used to map commonly used applications, Google's digital luxury features, battery power and improvements. Discover apps in the Google Play Store.

The spokesman added: "The API has not received any information about the application's activity. We have shared the information that we collect with and can control the users."

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