Huawei wins a deal with Bolt's competition Uber
Huawei wins a deal with Bolt's competition Uber

With the company refusing to offer the most comprehensive Uber service app for its business since U.S. sanctions, Huawei managed to reach an agreement with Bolt. The agreement enables Boltt to place its order through the Chinese company's application store. More than a year.

The government of U.S. President (Donald Trump) blacklisted Huawei in May 2019. According to the list, U.S. companies are prohibited from negotiating with Chinese companies, so in addition to other applications, Google is also being robbed. Services and applications including: Uber.

Bolt (called “European Uber”) will appear in the company's AppGallery this week and will also provide grocery delivery services like Uber Eats.

Bolt's gameplay is very similar to Uber, so its application is not much different from Uber, where users can call the driver and get a competitive price. All users must subscribe to the service and link it to their bank account.

Bolt's advantage is that it can be active in countries where Huawei is already generating strong sales, including: many large cities in Central and Eastern Europe, Sweden, Russia, some CIS countries, some African countries and all major Mexican cities.

According to the Financial Financial Times, Bolt is the third fastest tech company in Europe and raised $ 109 million to expand its food distribution business.

For users who rely on public transport during the global epidemic, availability through AppGallery stores is very important, since most economies are experiencing the effects of the emerging coronavirus (COVID-19). COVID-19, How a business phone owner can become a profitable driver.

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