IQOO introduces FlashCharge 120W
IQOO introduces FlashCharge 120W

The iQOO brand today announced 120W FlashCharge fast charging technology that supports 4000mAh battery in just 15 minutes.

Many smartphone manufacturers are seeking to develop fast charging technology to provide better performance and greater ability to charge smartphone batteries in less time. The company began developing fast charging technology with a capacity of more than 100 watts.

IQOO today officially announced Weibo 120W fast charging technology.

The iQOO brand belongs to the BBK Electronics group. BBK Electronics includes Oppo, Vivo, OnePlus and Realme. Therefore, Oppo is expected to launch its fast charging technology soon, as Oppo launches the company's express shipping technology with this feature. Realme is preparing to launch its own technology later this month, and the 125W officially went live on July 15.

IQOO "FlashCharge" technology supports 4000mAh battery charging in just 15 minutes, because the technology is based on OPPO fast charging technology and has a charging capacity of 120W to 20W V x 6A, iQOO fast charging technology can also perform specific battery delivery percentage. After 5 minutes of charging, the charging capacity is 50%.

It is worth noting that the iQOO brand announced the launch of a new express technology in August, so that the new technology will be made available to market users on short notice.


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