Is Galaxy Note 20 Ultra the latest in the Note series?
Is Galaxy Note 20 Ultra the latest in the Note series?

Samsung has always viewed every edition of the Galaxy Note series as the company's rescue phone due to its speed, bulkiness, and most importantly, it's integrated into the box. All of this applies to Samsung's latest Note phone, the new Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.

The S Pen has been a controversial device since ancient times and die-hard fans who use it love it, but other users find it nearly useless, or at least sometimes forget its existence. However, the S Pen is slowly improving.

But now Samsung has a new production king, the Galaxy Z Fold 2. As it uses most of the Note series products, the Z Fold 2 is better overall. The first generation of cell phones must face some problems, for example b- The front screen is too small and the internal screen is too fragile. After using the device long enough to form my unified opinion, I personally found that having a foldable phone makes my job more efficient than the stylus, and thus outperforms the new Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. .

Samsung has now released two very expensive devices, both designed to be the most productive devices for users. However, if you have two separate sets of more expensive, productivity-oriented devices, does it make sense to combine them?

We believe that Samsung is nearing the end of the Note series and we expect the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra to be the last phone in the series, and Samsung may focus on producing the Galaxy Z Fold as the next version may be handwritten. pen.

The Note 20 Ultra delivers the features iPhones lack. Samsung Galaxy Note 20 phones also support many powerful features, the most important of which are: Unique design, powerful 5G processor, large screen, S Pen and features. Long battery. However, there are 5 new features in the Note 20 Ultra, and iPhone users hope that Apple will be able to incorporate these features into the upcoming iPhone 12 mobile phone.

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