Mac computers can obtain Face ID
Mac computers can obtain Face ID

The icon in the latest beta version of macOS Big Sur indicates that Mac computers may get face recognition in the future.

On many iPhone and iPad models, you can use Face to unlock the device with Face ID.

However, you still need to enter the password on your Mac, set Apple Smart Watch to automatically unlock the Mac, or use the fingerprint feature via (Touch ID), depending on your current PC model.

MacBook Air and MacBook Pro currently only have biometric authentication with integrated Touch ID.

MacOS Big Sur beta third icon is a new extension, whose icon supports PearlCamera. This is the name of the internal code for TrueDepth and Face ID from Apple.

TrueDepth camera allows facial recognition on devices that support this type of feature (for example (iPhone 11) and iPad Pro), but it currently does not support Macintosh computers that support facial recognition.

The code should also include snippets referring to the terms "FaceDetect" and "BioCapture".

These terms are somewhat related to the biometrics facial recognition feature and indicate that Apple is configuring macOS to use facial recognition. Because these terms are similar to (iOS).

When facial recognition technology enters a Mac computer, it appears that the device can be unlocked using the AR application that defines your face.

If you want to launch the new version of Safari with (iOS 14) and (macOS Big Sur), Face ID functionality can be useful on Mac computers.

With the new version of the web browser, you can only log in to websites with a password using (Touch ID) or (Face ID) if these websites support this functionality.

The facial recognition function works on the Mac just as it does on iPhone and iPad. In addition to the face recognition function, TrueDepth Camera also provides functions like Memoji and is better integrated in reality apps. a plus.

However, it is not known which Macs the Face ID function can be used on or when it will be available, because implementation is still at an early stage and Apple may need some time to develop new Mac models using the Fetch cameras. TrueDepth. Face recognition support.

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