Macbooks may get glass keys
Macbooks may get glass keys

Apple has used the Butterfly keyboard for MacBook models for several years, but has faced many issues that have made many changes to restore user confidence, to some extent. Fact.

According to the latest iPhone patent, the company now appears to have a new MacBook keyboard plan as Apple is developing a keyboard with glass keys to make it more durable.

The patent was filed in 2019 with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

The patent reveals an idea to improve keyboard durability and achieve a more premium look using a main body made of clear glass, clear polymer or clear ceramic instead of plastic.

The patent also shows symbols printed on the bottom of the MacBook keyboard and not on top, as the glyphs printed externally are used for a long time over time.

Light materials are naively used to define patterns and graphic characters, and may have different light colors.

According to the patent, this key on the MacBook keyboard lights up, making the keyboard and characters visible.

Bi-color or RGB LED lights can also be used for backlighting, regardless of font style, brightness, and keyboard color.

Apple's patent focuses on key lighting rather than glyphs. Since the glyphs are at the bottom, they don't corrode over time.

This design can make your MacBook more solid on all sides and have more water resistance.

It should be noted that Apple generally grants many patents, but the timing of technology implementation is not always determined. Unless Apple actually looks for a patent, the technology mentioned in the patent may take years.

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