Microsoft announces the most important upcoming Xbox Series X platform games
Microsoft announces the most important upcoming Xbox Series X platform games

Microsoft announced a series of exclusive video games for the upcoming Xbox X series on Thursday to attract more competing Sony players.

Today the American software giant launched an online gaming event and talked about the sixth edition of the popular Halo game, Halo Infinite, which is one of the main features of the Xbox platform.

The unveiling of Halo Infinite started with the story of a science fiction fighting game featuring a main hero fighting enemies in the same way as in previous versions of the game. The game will contain a new character. Evil appointed war commander Ascharum.

At today's event, the surprise announcement included Fable, one of the most popular action games for Xbox, Windows, and Mac platforms, before Lionhead developers closed in 2016.

In this event, Microsoft announced any new information about the Xbox Sires X game console, which is slated to appear later this year and pave the way for a new platform battle with Japan's Sony. Who is also getting ready for the start. His next platform (Playstation 5). Playstation 5.

Due to the coronary virus (COVID-19) epidemic, both companies cannot sell next-generation platforms and games and are concerned that this may delay the release of new devices. However, Microsoft and Sony confirmed that they would launch the platform during holidays later this year.

It should be noted that the outbreak of the virus led to the mandatory government closure worldwide, which led to a significant increase in video game sales. In Microsoft's fourth-quarter earnings report, the company said: Xbox revenue from content and services increased 65%, and the number of attendees reached an all-time high as employees had to stay and spend time playing games.

Other games announced today include: Avowed, Kingdom of Decay, As Duck Falls, Forza Horizon 4, and Gunk.

It should be noted that the Xbox platform is increasingly dependent on cloud games. Microsoft recently announced that it will be paired with a paid subscription service (Xbox GamePass) and will start commercial broadcast of xCloud (x-cloud) in September next year. Xbox Game Pass allows players to access the game list.

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