Microsoft wants to get rid of Linux malware
Microsoft wants to get rid of Linux malware

Microsoft has announced a new threat detection service called (Project Freta). The software giant hopes to significantly improve security services for Linux systems.

The service is a free cloud tool that can detect new forms of malware and malware, for example: (rootkits) and (crypto-filters). Microsoft said: Linux systems cannot be recognized.

The company indicated that these threats are usually present in the cloud of the Linux virtual machine, which puts users of open source platforms at risk.

Microsoft said: Project Freta offers a new way to detect malware threats by bypassing existing sensor-based methods to predict unwanted things.

Malware authors usually overcome and overcome these methods, which means that a new method is needed.

Before using this knowledge to identify emerging threats, Project Freta can analyze virtual machines (VMs) to understand the new environment and how it affects malware.

The advertised software giant (Project Freta) automatically analyzes thousands of VM Linux cloud images to detect new forms of malware and sensor problems.

The service supports over 4,000 Linux releases upon launch, making it extremely flexible and forcing malware authors to develop new threats to bypass new scanning technologies.

Project Freta users who need a Microsoft account to access the service can send snapshots to receive reports of their content. This broadens the scope of the plan.

"In general, we consider computer security a firewall zone that prevents hackers from hacking," Mike Walker said in a blog post.

He added: "The Freta project is a reliable cloud detection roadmap that enables companies to conduct regular, comprehensive scans to find undiscovered malware."

The service was originally only available for Linux systems, and the software giant plans to add Windows support and artificial intelligence technology soon that could improve connectivity functionality. the decision.

"We hope that (the Frita Plan) will give officials a wide range of powers, and we hope that they will be used worldwide to distribute complex pirates and their tool kits," Walker concluded.
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