More and more web apps are entering the Play Store
More and more web apps are entering the Play Store

Microsoft is working with Google to deliver advanced web applications (PWA) to Android devices through the Play Store.

The software giant's support for Android has bypassed native applications and devices such as (Surface Duo).

The two companies are working on how their tools interact with each other and assist developers in deploying progressive web applications (PWA) through the Play Store.

Microsoft is pleased to announce that Microsoft and Google have started a new collaboration for the web developer community. Microsoft (PWABuilder) and Google (Bubblewrap) work together to help developers bring progressive web applications (PWA) to the Play Store.

According to the clarification, Microsoft Tools (PWABuilder) helps developers create (PWA) applications from existing websites and publish them to the App Store, while Google Tools (Bubblewrap) are used to design and sign Google Play Store (PWA) package software.

After several months of cooperation, the two companies made progress in integrating the tools because Microsoft's PWABuilder tool implicitly uses the Google Bubblewrap tool that developers can use with the Play Store software package and PWABuilder supports the default web shortcut. Come together, new.

PWABuilder now also supports a number of trusted web activity options. These options can help make PWA work better on Android.

Developers can now use (PWABuilder) to customize the appearance of Android's status bar and navigation bar (PWA). You can also customize the app's main screen and change the launcher's name. Use the current signature key, get instant notification support, and set the package ID and version.

Microsoft and Google are working together to make the web a more efficient application platform, and the software giant is working with the research giant on the Fugu project to take advantage of the new web platform features.

Microsoft has said that advanced features do not require much effort to be implemented, and applications may take some time to take advantage of these new features. However, this means that improved apps will be available on phones.

This collaboration gave creators more reasons to use the Microsoft Toolbox, and Google brought in more developers to create Android-compatible web applications instead of directing users to the regular apps in the browser.
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