Mozilla launches a unique VPN service for Android and Windows
Mozilla launches a unique VPN service for Android and Windows

Mozilla, the developer of the popular Firefox browser, today announced the official launch of its VPN service, which is now available in six countries on Windows and Android.

The company said the service costs $ 4.99 a month. As with other VPNs, the goal is to make browsing the Internet more private and secure. As part of this step, Mozilla changed the service name from (Firefox Private Network) to Mozilla VPN, which was announced last month.

Mozilla believes its VPN service has two functions and is characterized by many competitors. She has the ability to provide a faster browsing experience in many situations. It is based on a protocol in which the number of lines in the symbol does not exceed one third of the other service lines. The organization also relied on the reputation it has built through its privacy-friendly browser, declaring that the organization only collects the information it needs to operate the service and does not keep a log of user data.

Mozilla VPN was released after a test in the U.S. that included a test of VPN integration in Firefox. And Mozilla said last month: It will test the user’s request to pay $ 2.99 per month for unlimited use of the browser service, designed to hide traffic inside the browser, and not at the general system level.

Mozilla said that its virtual private network is available in Singapore, Malaysia and New Zealand in addition to the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom, and hopes to expand its availability in other countries later this year. Year. Mozilla said that in addition to the launch for Android and Windows, Apple will soon launch iOS services.

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