OnePlus founder unveiled the following design for OnePlus Nord in an interview
OnePlus founder unveiled the following design for OnePlus Nord in an interview

The well-known YouTube technology channel MKBHD published an interview with the co-founder of OnePlus (Karl Bay). It checked the expected OnePlus Nord phone design and revealed a lot of other information.

Bey appeared in an interview with the expected OnePlus Buds phone. Pai also introduced the prototype OnePlus Nord, which will be announced on July 21.

Bai revealed bills related to components like a $ 4 NFC chip, a waterproof and dustproof standard, and a $ 15 battery because the machines used to perform these tests are expensive.

Bay said: The company had waited a long time before entering the mid-range hardware trade before making sure that these processors, especially Qualcomm (Qualcomm) Snapdragon 765G processors, had similar experiences with the major OnePlus 8 series processors.

The company confirmed on Monday its intention to launch its first true wireless headset on July 21, and today announced its relatively inexpensive smartphone (OnePlus North).

The following OnePlus-related leaks have been around for months, especially the design inspired by Apple AirPods. Last week, the company mocked the new headphones by posting pictures of older models and asked, "What is the next step in the queue?"

Although the OnePlus Nord phone is expected to be launched, an online store in Romania listed the phone last week, which features a design, specifications and price.

The company has already confirmed the launch of the phone in Europe and India. The selling price is equivalent to $ 475 or $ 535, which is higher than the promised price and will not exceed $ 500.

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