Oppo announces a fast charger of 125 watts
Oppo announces a fast charger of 125 watts

Oppo has dominated the express shipping market in recent years. The Chinese company today launched the most powerful 125W fast charger for smartphones ever.

In addition to the 125W fast charger, the company introduced three new solutions for ultra-fast charging: a small 110W fast charger, a 65W fast wireless charger (AirVOOC) and a 50W superfast charger (SuperVOOC). .

It is said that 125W fast charging technology can charge up to 41% of 4000mAh battery in 5 minutes and take 20 minutes to reach 100%.

To protect the battery and smartphone, the technology design is designed with three parallel charging pumps for power distribution. OPPO 10 added additional temperature sensors to improve safety.

AirVOOC technology uses a circular design to achieve better heat dissipation and heat dissipation from glass panels and self-developed charging pump technology. Parallel coil design improves wireless charging efficiency.

AirVOOC wireless technology is compatible with SuperVOOC 2.0 wired charging technology of 65 watts. Two files are loaded simultaneously and a full charge of 4000 mAh takes about 30 minutes.

The charger is still in the concept stage and no Oppo smartphone supports the standard.

The bottom of the charger is equipped with a fan that can lower the temperature by 2 ° C. The overall design is based on a method in which fresh air can always circulate.

The size of a 50W SuperVOOC charger is almost the same size as a portable (4G) modem. The idea is to put it in a pocket or purse and continue charging the phone without the need to remove the standard charger.

The charger is VOOC compatible and can also be compatible with the main protocol, including 27 watts and 50 watts.

In order to provide sufficient current, the micro charger performs a so-called "pulse charge" because it removes the OPPO electronic capacitor and enables the charger to pump a large amount of power in equal time intervals of 40 milliseconds.

The 100W mini charger meets all current standards, including up to 65W (SuperVOOC), up to 30W (VOOC) and 36W (fast charging).

Currently, more than 157 million users around the world use different VOOC technologies.

Oppo pledges to continue providing express delivery solutions by applying for more than 2,800 patents worldwide related to express delivery.

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