Patent monitoring from Xiaomi for a full screen phone design
Patent monitoring from Xiaomi for a full screen phone design

The latest leak reveals a patent for the Xiaomi smartphone design, and is equipped with a 108-megapixel rear camera sensor in almost full screen mode.

The image posted by TechiesBlog shows the new vision of the Xiaomi cell phone design. The big screen occupies the edge of the phone, and the screen is completely curved back on both sides. Then a small room appears, then another screen appears on the back that occupies the back. More than half of the screen.

Expectations indicate that the secondary screen at the back supports the work in the phone in the form of an electronic lens so that the back camera can take self-portraits so that the front of the phone does not have a selfie camera. So the screen takes over most of the front.

Xiaomi has made a curved screen design in the back of the Mi Mix Alpha, while the new Xiaomi patent has made some changes to the same design.

On the other hand, the patent shows that the rear view camera can replace a variety of camera settings, because Xiaomi is another alternative to the camera, which has a large lens that supports advanced functions and 108 megapixels. , The camera can support zooming more effectively.

The design of the extendable lens in the cell phone is expected to affect the cellular stamp function, but this design is still in the planning stage. Xiaomi is expected to provide more detailed information on the mobile phone design when the mobile phone enters the implementation phase.


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