Redmi introduces its Redmi K30 Ultra with a Dimensity processor
Redmi introduces its Redmi K30 Ultra with a Dimensity processor

According to the latest news from XDA developers, Redmi is planning to launch a Redmi K30 Ultra mobile phone with MediaTek processor and selfie camera binoculars.

The new leak confirms that Redmi is preparing to launch a new version of the Redmi K30 series of phones soon, which is included in the MIUI 12 Redmi K30 Ultra interface icon.

Redmi K30 Ultra was discovered in the Cezanne leak. The leak indicates that the phone supports the Quad Camera setup for the rear view camera. It also includes a selfie camera with contextual design. It also became the main sensor for the 64-megapixel rear view camera.

Redmi is also using the MediaTek processor chip from the Dimension processor series to support this release. The chip used in this release should support Dimension 1000, which is connected to 5G networks.

XDA developers also said that this version could be the Redmi phone mentioned in the previous report from the digital chat station. The phone supports a 144Hz screen refresh rate and is equipped with a Dimension 1000 processor chip with an IMX686 main sensor and 64 megapixels. Camera, with front endoscope camera. Appears.


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