Review Apevia ATX-SP600 Spirit ATX Power Supply
Apevia ATX-SP600 Spirit ATX Power Supply

The Apevia Power Kit adds elegance and functionality to your system and delivers high efficiency with a simple black look suitable for ATX computers. It supports the modern performance standard of 12v2.3, which is set by 12V railway tracks. Equipped with a quiet black fan of 120 mm to keep everything cool in the system. It comes with enough cables to connect any devices you may need. ATX-SP600 Power Saver is ideal for mid-range products for professional purposes and games. Do not overload, misuse, or modify the power source for safety reasons. It is recommended not to use this device in bitcoin mining as this will shorten life and cause blackouts. The warranty does not include use for mining purposes.

Apevia ATX-SP600 Spirit ATX Power Supply Specs
  • Apevia 600W Spirit ATX gaming power supply with sandy black housing
  • Supports dual / quad / multi core processor. Single 12 volt output supports higher power consumption.
  • Connectivity: 1 x 20/24 main power supply, 1 x 4 + 4-pin 12V, 1 x PCI 6 + 2 pin, 4 x SATA, 4 x accessories, 1 x floppy
  • 120mm black fan with automatic control function. Output: +3.3 V @ 16 A, + 5 V at 20 A, + 12 V at 45 A, -12 V at 0.5 A, + 5 VSB at 2.5 A.
  • Long term protection: short circuit / overcurrent / overvoltage / overvoltage / low voltage / over temperature protection

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