Review Buffalo 2 TB Rugged Portable Hard Drive
Buffalo 2 TB Rugged Portable Hard Drive

The MiniStation Extreme NFC HD-PZN2.0U3B is a durable portable hard drive with a unique spiral USB cable and built-in NFC technology for secure hardware encryption that allows users to open and access files on a hard drive with a smartphone or smart card. Without having to remember words, MiniStation Extreme NFC can transfer and protect data to prevent it from being lost. It has a strong and durable body and a special bumper with US military-grade anti-shock protection that absorbs shocks, keeps it away from the hard drive (due to accidental bumps and falls, the distance can reach 12 meters) and is water and dust resistant, just close it to simply connect the winding cable to an available USB port on your computer Increase your file storage capacity or use it immediately. With 256-bit AES encryption, you can ensure that your data is secure no matter where backups are stored and transfer content securely.

Powerful and secure portable storage and backup

The MiniStation Extreme NFC is a long-running portable hard drive that comes with a unique coiled USB cable and secure hardware encryption. Thanks to the built-in NFC technology, users can use the built-in smart card to open and access files on their hard drive without having to remember the password.
  • Military shock absorbers absorb shocks and remove them from the hard disk
  • Standard IPX3 water resistance and standard IP5X dust resistance to ensure the data security of items
  • NFC technology ensures data security with an integrated smart card
  • Built-in USB cable for easy connection
  • Hardware encryption protects data from unauthorized access
  • USB 3.0 provides universal connectivity for PC and Mac computers
  • Use the Buffalo Backup Utility to schedule automatic computer backups
  • Time Machine support provides scheduled backups to protect Mac computers
Strong structure
The MiniStation Extreme NFC features American-style shock absorber protection and uses a special internal bumper to absorb and remove shock from the hard drive. The MiniStation Extreme NFC case is also water and dust resistant.

Built-in flexible USB cable
MiniStation Extreme NFC has a flexible USB cable to plug in so you don't find yourself or make mistakes for you
Register again. Cables are neatly wrapped around the case and connected to the box to provide a complete solution.
Review Buffalo 2 TB Rugged Portable Hard Drive
Buffalo 2 TB Rugged Portable Hard Drive

NFC technology
Near Field Communication technology allows users to easily open files on a MiniStation Extreme NFC hard drive using the integrated smart card without having to remember the password. It can also protect important data in case your hard drive is stolen or lost.

Hardware encryption
Fully automatic AES 256-bit data encryption (FDE) can protect your data from unauthorized access. If you lose the MiniStation Extreme NFC, no one but the owner will be able to access the data.

Buffalo 2 TB Rugged Portable Hard Drive Specs
  • A plug-and-play compatible PC that is compatible with Mac once it's configured
  • Durable (mileage specification)
  • Hardware encryption
  • NFC technology
  • Water and dust resistant
  • USB 3.0 cable with embedded coil
  • It conforms to TAA standard made in Japan
  • 3 years manufacturer

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