Review Corsair Hydro X Series XD3 RGB Pump
Corsair Hydro X Series XD3 RGB Pump

CORSAIR Hydro X-Series XD3 RGB Pump / CX-9040003-WW Storage Tank is ready to promote the most compact custom cooling system. The adjustable Xylem DDC PWM Pump provides steady flow for multiple block rings, while the integrated 180ml storage tank ensures XD3 can easily adapt to most systems. 16 When used with the CORSAIR iCUE light control unit and the powerful CORSAIR iCUE program, the integrated RGB LED lamp can provide live and customizable lighting. The built-in temperature sensor provides you real-time performance data in the system to precisely control cooling. XD3 RGB pump / water tank is generally compatible with G1 / 4 attachments and 120mm and 140mm fan holders, which are at the heart of your custom cooling system.

Corsair Hydro X Series XD3 RGB Pump Specs
  • Xylem DDC-PWM high-performance PWM-controlled pumps provide the perfect flow compensation for your circuit.
  • When used with the CORSAIR iCUE Commander PRO or iCUE Lighting Node PRO, 16 individually controlled RGB LED lights illuminate the built-in water tank with adaptive and impactable RGB lighting.
  • The unique built-in form factor in XD3 is easy to install on most systems and can be run even on most dedicated dedicated cooling rings.
  • The built-in 180ml water tank can display the coolant for your cooling system. The impressive angular design and integrated water injection opening facilitate the filling, cleaning and operation of the coolant.
  • The built-in temperature sensor can provide the coolant temperature in real time from the cooling ring. Combined with the iCUE Commander PRO and the powerful CORSAIR iCUE program, automatic cooling control can be achieved.

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