Review Koalad Smart Two Way Voice Translator
Koalad Smart Two Way Voice Translator

Two-way smart language translator The device's voice translator supports 44 Bluetooth languages, allowing you to study, shop, record and translate business conversations abroad

Koalad Smart Two Way Voice Translator Specs
  • Voice translator: This voice translator supports 44 language translation, has two-way translation function, and the machine voice is clear and loud, making it easy to meet the needs of multi-language translation. So you can carry out international communication smoothly.
  • New translation technology: This voice translator has the latest and most accurate translation system. The translator is small, comfortable and easy to carry.
  • Bluetooth Support: You need to install the app on your phone via QR or Guide Package. If your phone is an iPhone, then you need to search for "utranslate" in the App Store. If your phone uses Android system, then you need to search for "iTranslator" in Google Store. (It is compatible with both iOS and Android phones.) Then connect the device with a bluetooth phone to start translating in real time.
  • Simultaneous translation: The voice translator responds with 99% accuracy and features a simple and generous design. It can be used for face-to-face communication and to remove communication barriers.
  • Lightweight and Portable: The smart voice translator is small in size, easy to carry, consumes little energy and is more suitable for traveling, working, learning new languages, shopping, making friends, practicing pronunciation, etc.

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