Review Lacie 2 Pack Rugged 1TB External Hard Drives
Lacie 2 Pack Rugged 1TB External Hard Drives

Lacie 2 Hard Pack 1 TB USB-C (USB 3.1) External Hard Disk Drive, Compatible with Mac and PC, Waterproof and Fall, with mini case

Common scenario: You need to work on a project and hand it to the customer, but you are using a USB-C Macbook Pro and a USB 3.0 computer. What you do is simple, choose powerful. The launcher series features broad interface compatibility, so you can seamlessly edit, collaborate, and share.

LaCie Rugged USB-C flash drives combine durability with advanced USB-C. The result is a data repository compatible with next-generation computers such as Apple Macbooks and USB computers for your data.

LaCie Rugged USB-C features the largest storage capacity on the market, giving you enough storage space for your digital products and your future. LaCie Rugged's massive capacity means you can use it as a shuttle drive to move photos from collections to post-production or store bulky Lightroom libraries.

For more than a decade, creative minds have trusted LaCie Rugged engines as the industry's most reliable way to transmit and capture data. The LaCie Rugged USB-C withstands water droplets, pressure and rain and prevents unauthorized access. That's enough to withstand the harsh conditions - from sudden storms to the crushing of luggage in the cargo hold. The Plane.

Use the LaCie Rugged Mini USB-C External Hard Drive to transfer data safely
Compatible with the latest Apple Macbooks and other new generation devices
Public transportation increases traffic
Shock and dust resistant and waterproof, suitable for any terrain
Enjoy a free monthly subscription to all Adobe Creative Cloud apps to access great photo and video editing apps

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