Review Linksys EA8100 AC2600 Max-Stream WiFi Router
Linksys EA8100 AC2600 Max-Stream WiFi Router

The Linksys MAX-STREAM AC2600 features MU-MIMO technology, the latest in simultaneous uninterrupted Wi-Fi. Devices like HD streaming media players, 4K TVs, tablets, and game consoles consume a lot of bandwidth. Using MU-MIMO (multi-user, multiple input, multiple output) technology, the MAX-STREAM AC2600 can simultaneously send an extended Wi-Fi connection to multiple devices at the same speed. Your entire family can play, play, and work all at the same time without lag or buffering - two times faster than non-MU-MIMO routers. Frequency Selection Certificate (DFS). This certification doubles the number of channels available at 80MHz.

Linksys EA8100 AC2600 Max-Stream WiFi Router Specs
  • It is 1800 square meters and has more than 15 machines
  • WiFi speed up to 2.6 Gbps
  • Provides up to twice the speed of non-MU-MIMO * routers
  • DFS (dynamic frequency selection) certification passed and the number of available channels doubled to 80MHz
  • Easy to install out of the box

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