Review MORTENTR Language Translator Device
MORTENTR Language Translator Device

Offline voice translator machine Bidirectional voice translator supports 106 languages ​​and camera translations for overseas travel, study, shopping, business conversation, black shopping

AI converters support 99% of the world's two-way intelligent translators, which are used for travel, learning, shopping and translating business conversations

Support for 106 languages ​​for online two-way translation
Spanish, Cantonese, Chinese (traditional), English (United States), English (Philippines), English (Ireland), English (United Kingdom), English (Canada), English (Australia)
Japanese, Korean, French, Russian, Finnish, Greek, Arabic (UAE), Danish, Czech, Vietnamese, Ukrainian,
Filipino Turkish (Taja Road), Thai, Swedish, Serbian, Romanian, Portuguese, Polish, Dutch (Netherlands), Norwegian (e-blog),
Norwegian (Nynorsk), Cambodian (Khmer), Italian, Indonesian, Hungarian, Hindi, Malay, Israeli (Hebrew), Chinese (Simplified)
Ukrainian, Uzbek, Hebrew, Greek, Armenian, Indonesian, South African, Slovenian, Urdu, Serbian, Nepali, Mongolian, Macedonian
Arab Greece (United Arab Emirates), Germany (Germany), Denmark, Philippines, Latvia, Laos, Lithuania, etc.

Support for image translation in 45 languages
Japanese, Chinese, English, Korean, German, French, Russian, Thai, Arabic, Azerbaijani, Bulgarian, Icelandic, Polish, Persian, Danish, Filipino
South Africa, Finnish, Dutch, Cambodia, Czech, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romanian, Bangladesh, Nepal, Norwegian, Portuguese, Swedish
Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian, Turkish, Urdu, Ukrainian, Spanish, Hebrew, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Hindi, Indonesian, Vietnamese
Review MORTENTR Language Translator Device
MORTENTR Language Translator Device

Support 8 languages ​​for offline translation
Chinese, English, Korean, Japanese, Russian, French, German, Spanish.

MORTENTR Language Translator Device Specs
  • Smart translator This translator integrates the world's leading artificial intelligence translation engines: Google, Microsoft, Baidu, IFLYTEK and supports simultaneous translation of 106 online languages ​​and 8 offline languages ​​in 98% of the world. The translation accuracy for complex sentences is very high with an accuracy rate of 98%.
  • Use the high-resolution 2.4 inch touch screen for real-time voice and text translation. When your voice is translated from one voice, it is translated into text on the screen at the same time. The noise canceling microphone can recognize your voice in a noisy environment and translate the voice from the device's speaker. It is clear and powerful. When others do not hear clearly, you can tap the screen to play the audio, do proper personal translation and call translation. When you talk, it really helps
  • Image translation support: The new version of MORTENTR cameras and OCR (Character Recognition) for 5 mega-pixel translation devices supports 44 languages ​​for online image translation. Not only can this translator translate what you want to say, but it can also translate it using image translation features that you cannot understand.
  • Recording: The recording function allows you to record any important meeting. English recordings can be translated into other languages ​​of your choice. If the system language is Chinese, it also has an AI function that can intelligently address you.
  • Language translator: When you speak, this translator can access translation engine to remove language barriers instantly and accurately.

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