Review OOSSXX OSX-128 Automatic 117 Languages Translator
OOSSXX OSX-128 Automatic 117 Languages Translator

[Updated in 2020] 117 languages ​​machine translator, fourth generation instant translator, offline translation, bluetooth voice / text translator with electronic pocket, smart real-time translator

The AI ​​translator has a powerful translation engine that not only supports translation between Chinese and other languages, but also supports arbitrary switching between 75 languages, which is a big step towards making Global Village a reality. The translation accuracy is designed for foreign travelers and reaches 97%. If you are dealing with unfamiliar language and do not know how to communicate, then this translator will be your good companion.

Translate image recognition
Real-time caption recording with one click that allows manual adjustment of translation area, especially for phrases like tags, menus and business cards.

8 languages ​​available for offline translation
Built-in offline INMT engine, currently supports 8 languages, other languages ​​will be updated in the future, including Simplified Chinese / Traditional Chinese / English / Japanese / Korean / Russian / French / Spanish, no signal translation, fast and accurate response.

Interpretation of dialogue
Allows face-to-face communication to facilitate translation. The touch screen is easy to switch between languages, the high-precision noise reduction technology ensures clear speech and the built-in YNMT network translation engine ensures accurate and smooth word arrangement.

Support communication with multiple people and languages, and help 500 people communicate in the same group at the same time.

2080mAh large battery
The high capacity and efficiency 2080mAh battery provides environmental protection and safety with a life of up to 400 minutes and a standby time of up to 150 hours that you can easily accompany you anywhere in the world.
Review OOSSXX OSX-128 Automatic 117 Languages Translator
OOSSXX OSX-128 Automatic 117 Languages Translator

Compact size and portability
Small size, big effect, it can be stored in a hanging bag / bag / box, only 1cm thick, it can be carried anytime and anywhere.

OOSSXX OSX-128 Automatic 117 Languages Translator Specs
  • Support 4G and 3G Netcom] Insert the SIM card. The adapter can be used in 4G and 3G Full Netcom networks. The translator is equipped with portable hotspot which can provide network to your mobile phone or any other devices, and it also has a faster transmission speed of 150Mbps / 50Mbps.
  • [Offline translation] supports offline translation in 8 languages. This means that our translation activities are not limited to a network environment and that you will be more convenient and convenient when traveling abroad or interacting with strangers.
  • Translate into 117 languages ​​supports up to 117 translation languages, and each language can be translated into each other. It is easy to meet your multi-language translation needs so that you can communicate smoothly. Simplify our translation process. It is ideal for traveling abroad, business communication, language learning, etc.
  • Image translation] All you have to do is capture the image to translate it and the translator will automatically recognize and translate the text in the image. Image translation supports up to 43 languages. No need to consult, take photos, or search for other people.
  • [The metal housing of the power amplifier and the high-performance aluminum-magnesium alloy cover provide more feel and durability, while the larger speakers provide better sound, which performs well in noisy environments. .

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