Review Sophos XG 106 Next-Gen VPN Firewall Appliance
Sophos XG 106 Next-Gen VPN Firewall Appliance

Uncover hidden dangers
Sophos XG Firewall provides unparalleled visibility to high-risk users, unknown applications, advanced threats, suspicious loads, and more. You also get rich, built-in reports for free, and add Sophos iView to focus reporting across numerous firewalls.

Stop unknown threats
Sophos XG Firewall provides the latest advanced technologies you need to protect your network from ransomware and advanced threats, including world-class IPS, advanced threat protection, cloud firewall, dual AV, web and app control, email protection, and a complete application firewall. The web. Easy to set up and manage.

Automatically reacts to events
XG Firewall is the only network security solution that can fully identify the source of infection in the network and automatically restrict access to other network resources. This enables the single Sophos Security Heartbeat System to share telemetry and health status between the Sophos Endpoint and the firewall.

Strong, powerful ... fast
We've engineered XG Firewall to deliver outstanding performance and security for the best performance
In your investment. Our machines are equipped with Intel multicore technology, SSD hard drives, and fast memory content scan technology. Plus, Sophos FastPath's software package optimization technology ensures that you are always productive.

Easily manage multiple firewalls

Sophos Central is the ultimate cloud management platform that applies to all Sophos products. Makes it easy to configure, monitor and manage XG Firewall on a daily basis. It also provides useful functions such as alerts, backup management, one-click firmware updates, and quick setup of new firewalls. (Optional) Sophos Firewall Manager (SFM) provides a robust multi-device management tool that makes it easy to provide consistent policies for all features. If you also want to merge reports on multiple XG, SG and Cyberoam devices, you can easily do so with Sophos iView.
Review Sophos XG 106 Next-Gen VPN Firewall Appliance
Sophos XG 106 Next-Gen VPN Firewall Appliance

Stop unknown threats. dead.
XG Firewall provides comprehensive protection against the latest advanced threats such as ransomware, encryption, bots, worms, hackers, hackers, and APT.
  • Strong sandstorm protection box
  • Artificial Intelligence Deep Learning
  • Advanced protection against threats and botnets
  • Web protection with dual AV, JavaScript emulation, and SSL scanning
Driven by deep learning
XG Firewall integrates deep learning technology into Sophos Sandstorm. It was developed by the data scientists at SophosLabs to achieve the best detection rate in the industry without using signatures. Quickly and effectively identify previously unseen malware lurking in suspicious payloads. This is just one of the ways XG Firewall blocks unknown and deadly threats.

Catch the weaknesses
XG Firewall integrates Intercept X's next-generation endpoint protection technologies (such as Exploit Prevention and CryptoGuard Protection) to identify malware and ransomware before it enters your network. In combination with our Intrusion Prevention System (IPS), XG Firewall will lock down the system regardless of whether hackers try to exploit network vulnerabilities or endpoints.

Security features you just can't get
XG Firewall contains many innovations that not only make your work easier, but also ensure the security of your network.
  • Competitive security
  • Unified firewall rules
  • Firewall thinks like you
  • An overview of the most dangerous users
  • Flexible deployment without compromise
Technical index
For small businesses, budgets, retailers, small offices, or private companies, Beginner Desktop Firewall is the perfect choice. It's available with or without built-in 802.11ac WiFi, so you get a complete network and hotspot security solution without additional hardware. Intel's dual core technology makes it efficient and fan-free so your desktop doesn't crash unnecessarily.

Sophos XG 106 Next-Gen VPN Firewall Appliance Specs
  • NGFW entry-level services provide security for small businesses, retail and SOHO offices, provide comprehensive firewall protection, detect hidden risks, prevent unknown threats, and automatically respond to incidents
  • It provides unprecedented visibility to users with high risk, unknown applications, advanced threats, suspicious payload, etc.
  • Equipped with built-in 4 copper ports and 4 common SFP ports, it can be used with a DSL modem or optional SFP optical transceiver to establish a connection to a server or switch. An optional second power supply provides repeatable identification that this product segment cannot match
  • Performance improvement (compared to XG 105 (Comment 3) - RAM increased to 4 GB; Firewall: 3500 Mbit / s | VPN: 360 Mbit / s | NGFW: 480 Mbit / s | AV proxy: 450 Mbit / s)
  • Revision: 1 | Form Factor: Desktop (Stand Available) | Ports / Slots: 4 & 1 Gigabit SFP (Shared) Power Cord: EU / UK / US

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