Review Timekettle Zero Language Translator
Timekettle Zero Language Translator

Timekettle Zero Language Translator - supports 40 languages, 93 dialects, compressed language translator and travel voice recorder makes learning easy for iOS companies

Break the language barrier and start over
With the world's smallest group of four microphones, the interpreter can from scratch separate up to 4 audio inputs in different directions. The noise reduction function improves the overall recognition quality and microphone recognition accuracy up to 90%. ZERO IOS supports plug and play technology for smartphones and has 1 meter long voice recording function. It is a really accessible device for everyday use.

40 languages ​​and 93 dialects + upgrade to offline translation
ZERO is a language interpreter that offers bidirectional translation into multiple languages ​​and covers 85% of the world's population. Timekettle Technologies cooperates with major language machine manufacturers in the fields of ASR (automatic speech recognition), MT (machine translation) and TTS (text-to-speech). We will continue to dive into each region to give users the best possible translation experience.

The app offers 3 complete modes
ZERO IOS supports plug and play technology for smartphones and is backed by pioneering AI audio algorithms to break down language barriers. The translation engine can provide instant translations even in complex and difficult environments. The app's three built-in modes are designed for different situations. It is very suitable for travel, conversations, business meetings, communication between international family members and friends, and for learning languages.

Subtitle mode
Simply connect the zero to the phone, set the zero in the right corner, select the translation mode, recognize your sentence and translate it into another language that others can understand. Text is displayed on both sides of the screen to clear up any misunderstanding. If you are in a noisy environment, please use touch control mode. Zero achieves better translation effect through 4 microphones with powerful noise reduction function. Enjoy the most immersive natural connection anytime, anywhere.

Method of meeting
In conference mode, the zero mode can capture and separate audio from up to 4 different speakers. This will make it easier for you to follow up on the data below during the meeting. You can even export, save or send a copy of the role-based text to your colleagues! Save time to attend the meeting.

Corresponding settings
There is nothing worse than worrying if your machine takes care of everything, especially during maintenance! Once the zero is placed on the table, it instantly records the visit, separating the visitor's voice from the visitor and rewriting it into a text. Enjoy chatting at any time without having a small device in front of you.

Offline translation
ZERO Translator supports offline translation in Chinese into six additional languages, including English, Japanese, French, Spanish and Russian. Flying on a plane is not important. Travel without internet connection on the phone. Or the network may not work properly - Zero will save you all sorts of trouble and use everything from scratch everywhere (be it in longitude or latitude)!

3.8ft audio recording
Unlike any other translation product or translation app, this tram features a special noise canceling feature that uses 4 microphones so that "zero" is reached when the distance between the two ends reaches 3.8 feet. It can still effectively understand people's language.
Review Timekettle Zero Language Translator
Timekettle Zero Language Translator

Plug and play, no charging needed
You have to use this converter, just type a zero in your phone and the app will appear automatically. Since it can be used with a mobile phone, there is no need to charge it separately or play with the buttons. Save time to use it.

Timekettle Zero Language Translator Specs
  • 40 languages ​​+ 93 dialects: ZERO is a language interpretation device that enables bidirectional translation. This electronic foreign language translator covers 85% of the world's population. Sub-menu: Arabic, Cantonese, Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Filipino, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Icelandic, Indonesian, Malay , Norwegian, Polish, Romanian, Slovenian, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Vietnamese
  • THREE IN ONE VOICE RECORD TRANSLATION DEVICE: The zero real-time translator supports 1m audio jack and is supported by AI main audio algorithms. Subtitle mode: Hands-free speaking, translation is read instantly and displayed on screen. Meeting and interview mode: the zero simultaneous voice translator can separate audio input in up to 4 different directions and integrate noise canceling function. It can get clear and accurate voice input more portable
  • No transfer or offline translation required for 6 languages: Zero Translator supports offline translation in Chinese to six additional languages ​​including English, Japanese, French, Spanish and Russian. Even if you don't have internet or WIFI, or you encounter poor internet connection during a business trip or business trip, this native speaker translator doesn't totally care. It is also an innovative voice translator device that can work seamlessly with your phone without charging it.
  • EASY TO USE AND UP TO 95% ACCURACY: Zero voice instant translator is easy to use by connecting to a mobile device without pressing a button. This real time voice translator will select, translate and read languages ​​automatically. The zero switch built into the algae neural network can intelligently collect and separate strings even in noisy environments and achieve up to 95% accuracy in daily use under standard network conditions.
  • Supports IOS 11.0 and Super Portable: ZERO supports IOS11 and later versions. Unlike other language translators, Zero Real-Time Language Translator is a very small tool that can be plugged into a phone charging port and used with the Timekettle app. This translator and recorder are small so that you can put them in your users' pockets, wallets, wallets and pockets on the go. Zero Translator can be a good companion for your studies, travel and business

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