Review Uiita Portable 1TB External Hard Drive USB3.1
Uiita Portable 1TB External Hard Drive USB3.1

1TB 2TB USB3.1 HDD Plus Portable External Hard Drive Slim External Hard Drive Suitable for Desktop PCs and Laptops

Why did you choose the United States?

1. Compared to traditional hard drives, this updated HDD guarantees a higher speed of 400MB / s, but consumes less.
Two advanced Type-C ports support blind holes on both sides to ensure less damage and longer life.
3. Super light and slim. You can lie in the palm of your hand and carry it in your pocket.
4- Thanks to its large capacity, you can easily share large amounts of photos, videos, music and other data.
5. Smart design with automatic sleep function, which can prevent the human body from heating up and reduce consumption.
6. The upgraded metal veneer and matte surface can improve the texture and give you comfortable feeling
7. Increased security and reliable improvements to protect your important data.
8. It is widely compatible with 99% of computer systems such as Apple MAC, WIN7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10, Android, etc.

Uiita Portable 1TB External Hard Drive USB3.1 Specs
  • High-speed high-speed hard disk drive, external hard drive and USB 3.1 upgrade provide ultra-fast transfer speed, read speed is five times faster than regular hard disk drives, to make sure you are using it with stable speed and smoothness!
  • [System Compatibility] Microsoft Windows 10 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Apple MAC / Android ect!
  • [Plug and Play] This external hard drive can be used without installing any software. Just connect them and use them.
  • drive An ultra-hard, rugged hard drive with a strong, durable, lightweight and useful outdoor protective cover that fits in the palm of your hand or pocket.
  • [You get a single portable hard drive, a USB3.1 x 1 cable, and a 3-year warranty.

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