Review WD Purple 8TB Surveillance Internal Hard Drive
WD Purple 8TB Surveillance Internal Hard Drive

Wd Purple drives WD82PURZ are designed for HD security systems 24/7. Wd Purple's monitoring storage uses Western Digital's digital technology, so you can safely create a security system that best suits your business needs. WD Purple Player uses all scanning techniques to improve video recording and reduce errors, pixel clips and video interrupts that can occur in the recording system. The Wd Purple player has an enhanced carrying capacity ** to support a system designed for 24/7 video recording with up to 64 cameras. Workload rate is defined as the amount of user data that is transferred to or from a hard drive. The workload rate is determined annually (87 TB transmission (8,760 / hours worked)). Workload rate depends on hardware, software and configuration components. Operating temperature is 0 to 65 ° C and non-operating temperature is -40 to 70 ° C.

WD hard drive monitor
It is developed for 24/7 high-precision security systems. The WD Purple drive supports a workload of up to 180 TB per year and supports up to 64 cameras. Optimization of surveillance systems.

Designed for compatibility reasons
WD Purple surveillance hard drives meet the requirements of chassis and chip manufacturers and can be easily integrated into new or existing video surveillance systems.

Improved performance of up to 64 cameras

WD Purple supports up to 64 surveillance cameras per hard drive and provides flexibility for future upgrades and additions to the security system.
Review WD Purple 8TB Surveillance Internal Hard Drive
WD Purple 8TB Surveillance Internal Hard Drive

You can easily rest by displaying the memory
The WD Purple Surveillance Hard Disk Drive is designed for a continuously available high-temperature monitoring safety system that guarantees reliability and high-quality video when needed.

WD Purple 8TB Surveillance Internal Hard Drive Specs
  • Designed for monitoring 24/7
  • Full screen technology works better
  • Designed to support up to 64 HD cameras
  • Designed for compatibility reasons
  • Factory warranty for 3 years

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