Review WD6003FFBX Red Pro 6TB NAS Internal Hard Drive
WD6003FFBX Red Pro 6TB NAS Internal Hard Drive

Manufacturer technical data Part number: WD6003FFBX Capacity: 6 TB Speed: 7200 rpm Cache: 256MB Interface: SATA 6Gb / s (max): Host cache: 6Gb / s from host to / from Drive (continuous): 238MB / s Vibration: On: 30 g at 2 ms (read / write), 65 g at 2 ms (read) not on: 300 g at 2 ms Sound: Sleep: Search mode 29 dB: 36 dB (average) (Power management: read / write: 7. Idle 2 watts in mode: 3.7 watts in sleep / standby: 0.4 watts Dimensions: 3.5 inches MTBF: 1,000,000 hours) Display X Length x Height): 4000 x 5.787 x 101.6 x 147.0 x 26.1 mm (1.028 inches) Weight: 0.72 kg

big job
WD Red Pro drives feature NASware 3.0 technology, which improves system compatibility and enables seamless integration in existing network infrastructure. Using the WD Red Pro NAS hard drive in a NAS solution, employees can reliably share backup files and folders, adding value to your business.

Better resistance to the impacts of Nass Bay

The WD Red Pro engine, equipped with a multi-axis vibration sensor, can automatically detect fine vibration events, while Dynamic Altitude In Flight Technology can customize every read and write function to protect and compensate for data. This technology blend protects drives in NAS environments from 1 to 24 slots and helps improve the reliability of the hard disk drive.

Since the NAS system still works, it must have reliable drives. WD Red Pro engine with MTBF up to 1 million hours and NASware 3.0 technology is designed to work 24/7.

It is proposed to implement it at the company level
WD Gold Enterprise storage hard drives are designed to store organizations and data center systems and deliver the premium performance you expect from Western Digital hard drives.

The power of the Red comes from the SSD
The WD Red SA500 SATA NAS SSD improves NAS performance and response. Unlike standard SSDs, the WD Red NAS SATA SSDs are designed to improve durability and buffering efficiency.

WD6003FFBX Red Pro 6TB NAS Internal Hard Drive Specs
  • It can offer large capacity and support from 1 to 24 fields
  • Active 3D Balance Plus technology and troubleshooting checks with NASware 3.0 technology improves reliability
  • Intensive driving test to ensure reliable long-term testing of each engine
  • Protection temperature (° C) against vibrations and shocks at a temperature from 0 to 65 ° C and not at a temperature of 40 to 70 ° C.
  • 5-year limited warranty

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