Review Wiflyer WE3926 4G LTE Router
Wiflyer WE3926 4G LTE Router

Wiflyer 4G LTE Router, 300Mbps WiFi Router, with SIM Card Slot, TF Card, USB Port, True Wireless 4G LTE Hotspot, Support T-Mobile AT&T Verizon

Internet access via SIM card for LTE data
It is suitable for rural areas or areas with weak signals to get fast and reliable internet.

Suitable for applicable scenarios
Homes without broadband service or homes with poor signal. Primary or alternative internet connection. Great for strollers, vacation homes, travel, offices, malls, and network cameras.

Three easy steps
First of all, you need to properly connect the antenna. Then insert the SIM card properly and rotate the SIM up. Third, connect the power cord.

Speed ​​up to 300 Mbps
Get download speeds of up to 300Mbps for games, video calls, movies, music and photos. It provides high speed and allows you to enjoy more wireless fun.

Wiflyer WE3926 4G LTE Router Specs
  • WE3926 chipset: MTK7620A main frequency is up to 580MHz. The CPU is equipped with a heat sink as standard to ensure stable system operation.
  • Wiflyer 4G LTE router with standard 2 x 5dBi 2.4G antennas with high gain, optional 4G / 3G, 5G antennas, SIM internet access for LTE data or internet access / PPPoE work mode (if you don't want to use)) card 4G SIM, you can use the LAN port connection via PPPoE mode.
  • 16MB flash memory + 128MB RAM configuration, large memory and flash memory ensure smooth and efficient operation.
  • Insert your SIM card directly and thanks to this 4G LTE mobile router, you can enjoy WiFi network with your friends.
  • If the 4G router transmits WLAN, you can also connect to other devices via LAN port at the same time. It is an ideal choice for industrial control, for business offices, and for securing a network of central cameras. No need to connect to the wireless range, just insert a 4G SIM card to play!

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