Samsung can launch Galaxy Note 20 at a lower price than Note 10
Samsung can launch Galaxy Note 20 at a lower price than Note 10

Samsung launched the phone (Galaxy Note 10) last year in Korea for 1.25 million won and in South Korea (Galaxy Note 10 Plus) for 1.5 million won. According to a new report, the phone series for this year will be compared to the phone presented in 2019 at a lower price. .

According to a report on the Naver website, the price of (Galaxy Note 20) and (Galaxy Note 20 Ultra) or what you might call (Galaxy Note 20 Plus) will be around 500 million won, which means that the price for these two phones will be reduced by about $ 40. Compare American Prices (Galaxy Note 10) and (Galaxy Note 10 Plus).

Although the price difference is not significant, it conflicts with the expectations of industry analysts. Earlier, industry analysts said that the price of mobile phones in 2020 will be 500,000 won higher than the price of mobile phones in 2019. It is believed that this is due to (Covid-19).

It should be noted that Samsung launched the Galaxy Note 10 mobile phone at a price of $ 950, while the Galaxy Note 10 Plus mobile phone costs $ 1,100. The; The Naver report does not specify whether the South Korean opponent will happen on the global market, but given the global impact of the epidemic, it should happen.

On the other hand, another report from South Korea indicated that Samsung can charge its smartphones starting next year without a charger in the box.

A report published by the Korean newspaper ETNews says that the company, the world's largest smartphone manufacturer, will take this step. Since users already have chargers for their devices, they can reduce costs.

Samsung announced its official intention a few days ago to hold its own event on August 5 next year, to announce the Galaxy Note 20 phone on August 5, 2020. In the same event, the company is expected to announce the second generation of foldable smartphones. (Galaxy Fold) Galaxy Fold version and 5G network version Supports Galaxy Z Flip Galaxy Z Flip.

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