Samsung leaks photo of its expected phone Galaxy Note20 Ulta
Samsung leaks photo of its expected phone Galaxy Note20 Ulta

Samsung has released official photos of the upcoming flagship Galaxy Note 20 Ultra through its Russian website.

Ishan Agarwal account on Twitter posted a leaked image saying, "This is a little weird! This could be the beginning of the smartphone (Galaxy Note 20 Ultra). The Galaxy Note 20 can be found in bronze / copper color on The Official Russian site for Samsung Image Ultra. Is You think this is the final look or the ultimate design of the Samsung team? "

Although you are not sure whether these images are suitable for Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, the design (especially the rear view camera) matches the design of the Galaxy S20 Ultra that was launched earlier this year.

Verge Technology website confirmed that the image published by Agarwal is currently on the Russian site Samsung Galaxy 8 and is written on the following page: "Discover the next generation of notes" Galaxy Note. 10) Do not change your phone.

It is believed that Samsung made a mistake using the following revolutionary smartphone images of one of the phones in the current Note series, especially when the phone appeared with the exclusive S-Pen series.

It should be noted that there is strong evidence that the image can actually target the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, especially because the design plan for the upcoming Galaxy Note 20 series released by the popular Ice Universe Leak account is im in line with the newly published photos.

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