Telegram lodges anti-trust complaint against Apple
Telegram lodges anti-trust complaint against Apple

Telegram is a coded messaging app developer with over 400 million users and is the smallest company to file a formal anti-monopoly complaint against the Apple App Store with the European Union.

In an official antitrust complaint to European Union Competition chief Margaret Westager, Telegram said: Apple should allow users to download software outside of the App Store.

In June this year, Ms. Fustag announced two antitrust investigations against Apple, one of which related to the app store.

The dispute between Apple and developers over the App Store rules has increased recently. Spotify and Rakuten have complained to the European Union that the app store is a monopoly.

The complaint was: developers must agree to Apple's terms, including a 30% commission for in-app purchases, to cover hundreds of millions of iPhone users.

The Apple global store is expected to cost the company more than $ 1 billion in monthly sales, and Telegram contrasts Apple's claim that the App Store committee maintains the Apple Store business.

"Apple brings billions of dollars in revenue from external applications every year," Pavel Dorov, co-founder of Telegram, said in an article this week.

"The cost of hosting and verifying these applications is tens of millions of dollars, not billions of dollars. We know that hosting and reviewing public content through the cable costs more. As a telegram (App Store)."

The messaging app accused Apple of stopping innovation. The app says: In 2016, Apple banned the launch of the gaming platform because it violated the rules of the App Store and threatened to remove the app from the App Store and delete the app. Project.

The Telegram platform claims that this is an example of Apple's ability to prevent innovation due to its monopoly power in the app market.

The complaint says: Because of its monopoly power, Apple can collect a massive 30% commission for every digital service the app provides through the app store, including selling the app itself or charges for special services for those apps.

Apple has denied allegations of anti-competitive behavior. Tim Cook defended the company's business practices during a pre-congressional hearing: Apple believes competition is an important virtue in promoting innovation.

Telegram previously accused Apple of blocking updates; He is under increasing pressure in Russia.

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