Tesla provides batteries to other automakers
Tesla provides batteries to other automakers

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, said the company is open to licensing programs and the supply of engines and batteries to other auto makers that make electric vehicles.

The manufacturer of luxury electric cars in Tesla supplied batteries for Mercedes and Toyota under separate partnership agreements. Batteries are the most expensive and important component of electric cars.

Analysts and industry representatives say battery manufacturing is the hallmark of American electric car manufacturers.

The mask said in her official Twitter account: Tesla is open to licensing plans, engines and battery supplies, and we're working hard to accelerate sustainable energy development rather than stopping competition.

It is not yet clear what type of battery will be imported from the joint venture with Japan's Panasonic, which will import batteries from CATL in China and LG Chem in South Korea.

As part of the "Roadrunner" project, Tesla is also planning to build its own battery factory in Fremont, California.

"This proposal could reduce and pose obstacles to entry of startups into the electric car industry," said Park Chul Wan, a battery expert at Saigon University and a South Korean battery expert. A potential threat to classic car manufacturers with their own platforms. ''

"If this strategy works, it will increase the reliance of the electric car market on Tesla."

Musk recently said: The real limitation to Tesla's growth is the affordable battery industry. The company will expand its business with Panasonic, CATL and LG Chem.

And in 2014, Musk also said: Tesla would enable others to use its patents to accelerate the development of electric cars from all manufacturers.

Even the CEO said: Although Tesla has said it in the past, Tesla is willing to license the autopilot: it will be difficult to implement.

The audience is completely open to the fact that he's lagging behind in the software and Tesla is the leader.

Hebert Des, CEO of Volkswagen, said the company is implementing what he internally called a "plan to catch up with the Tesla program" to bridge the software gap between German automakers and Tesla.

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