The FBI is investigating a Twitter hack
The FBI is investigating a Twitter hack

According to Reuters, the FBI has launched an investigation into the unprecedented Twitter hack, which has resulted in countless people obtaining well-known accounts for politicians, executives and companies.

After the hackers took control of the accounts of the Democratic presidential candidate (Joe Biden), former US President (Barack Obama) and others, the federal government launched an apparently fraudulent investigation on Bitcoin.

"We know that a security incident affects many high profile Twitter accounts, and this account appears to have been compromised and cannot spread fraud in cryptocurrencies," the FBI said earlier.

The FBI is concerned that coordinated attacks and vulnerabilities in the Twitter system may pose serious security risks due to the widespread availability of sensitive accounts.

White House spokesman Kylie McNanny told the Wall Street Journal that President Donald Trump's account was not affected, but it is not known whether the Trump account provides any special protection.

The Twitter platform said: It is in contact with the FBI in its investigations and intends to cooperate fully with it.

Andrew Como, the governor of New York, is reported to have asked the New York Treasury to investigate the Twitter hack.

"External interference continues to pose a serious threat to our democracy, and New York continues to lead the struggle to protect our democracy and the integrity of the elections in every way," Como quoted him as saying.

After lawmakers asked the platform to be more transparent about the attack, New York Attorney General Letitia James launched an investigation into the Twitter hack.

"Countless Americans rely on Twitter to read and watch news, participate in public debates, and listen to political leaders, activists, businessmen, and other opinion leaders," Letiya said in a statement.

The attack on Twitter has raised serious concerns about data security and how platforms like Twitter are hurting public opinion. I ordered my office to investigate the matter immediately. “”

Twitter said: The hacking group uses social engineering technology to control the company's internal tools. Although Twitter didn't mention how this happened, these tools allow hackers to access the account.

A report prepared by (the motherboard) indicated that hackers did not enter the Twitter system, but they allowed Twitter employees to reset the email addresses associated with the affected accounts so that hackers could access these accounts.

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