This small console is designed for the next xCloud service
This small console is designed for the next xCloud service

Microsoft plans to launch xCloud later this year as part of the Xbox Game Pass.

As the company prepares to launch the service, the accessories industry is also working hard to develop its accessories. BitDo8, an old and new replacement game console company, is modifying the console host. NES game for use with the following XCloud service.

This Bluetooth mini controller is compatible with all Google Android smartphones and tablets and has been officially approved by Microsoft as compatible console (Xbox) and (X Cloud)

The battery built into the console should last about 18 hours, and there is also a USB-C charging port. The console also has clips to install on the phone, and the installation mode can be customized.

8BitDo works with Microsoft to delegate this console to the Xbox console and ensure that they and XCloud work together effectively. The console also has a separate program that allows users to customize buttons, adjust joystick and trigger sensitivity. The console also supports interchangeable configuration files to download custom buttons.

The cost of the SN30 Pro for Xbox console (SN30 Pro for Xbox) is $ 44.99, it was pre-ordered today from Amazon and will be shipped on Sep 21. Please note that this date has nothing to do with the start date of the X-Cloud service that is scheduled to start later this year.

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