TikTok offers its algorithm and challenges its competitors
TikTok offers its algorithm and challenges its competitors

TikTok today announced a new measure that allows strangers to use the algorithm to sort and share user videos to make them look like a seamless company.

The Chinese company said it would allow experts "to monitor regulatory policies in real time". "The change puts it into practice and challenges competition," CEO Kevin Meyer said in the post. He added: "We believe that our entire industry must meet particularly high standards."

"For this reason, we believe that all companies should share algorithms, monitoring policies, and data flow with regulators," Mayer said. We will not wait for the organizers to reach us, but Tik Tok has taken the first step. A Transparency and Accountability Center has been created to monitor and put data into practice. “”

It is believed that the timing of Tik Tok work is very important. Facebook, Google, Apple, and Amazon are being questioned by the Justice Committee Cartel Committee. However, Tik Tok is not one of the companies to be examined by Congress, but should be present at the meeting. Mentioned in the process.

In a previous interview, Mark Zuckerberg (Mark Zuckerberg) viewed Facebook manager Tik Tok as an example of social applications competition and used the company as evidence of why American technology companies needed to do this Freedom to counter the rise of China. Proofs.

In yesterday's published Zuckerberg Notes, Zuckerberg demonstrated the competition between Facebook and foreign rivals, an ideological struggle. He said: "We believe in the values ​​of democracy, competition, inclusion and freedom of expression that build the American economy." He added: "There are many other technology companies that have these values, but there is no guarantee that our values ​​will prevail." For example: China is building its own version of the Internet, which focuses on completely different ideas and exports its vision to other countries.

Meyer responded to these comments in the post, saying: He wanted to focus on "fair and open competition" rather than "malicious attacks by competitors - he means patriotism with Facebook." Nevertheless, it is believed that Facebook's argument in Congress will certainly arouse sympathy, especially as American politicians warned Tuk Tuk of the danger a few months ago and even the Trump administration even proposed a ban on implementation.

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