Xiaomi can launch 100W charging technology next month
Xiaomi can launch 100W charging technology next month

Information leaks on the Chinese smartphone market have reported that Xiaomi plans to launch a new 100W fast charging technology next month.

A leak related to this technology started a few months ago. A representative of a Chinese company explained last February that the company's research and development team faces challenges that must be addressed before the technology is released. The report now indicates that Xiaomi has found a way to overcome the obstacles required to develop technology that has entered the stage of mass production.

The report released from a digital chat account through the Chinese social networking site (Weibo) - Devices required for Xiaomi 100W fast charging technology are ready, and the Super Charge Turbo technology can be called and the technology is already turned on if everything goes well in the month of production Huge, the Foxconn plant is expected to announce the technology in early August.

It should be noted that a report published in June last year showed that the Chinese company Xiaomi produced a portable charger of 120 watts.

In the previous report, a video clip showing the charger that supports the power source was released. The fee was confirmed earlier this month because the Chinese company obtained a shipping license from China 3C and the company did not announce the license. The device starts sooner than expected. The MDY-12-ED model has a voltage of no more than 20 volts and a current of no more than 6 amps.

It is not yet known that this is the first Xiaomi device to support this charging capacity, but it should become one of its most important smartphones, such as: (Mi Mix) Mi Mix.

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