Xiaomi launches Mi 2 Basic wireless earphones for $ 45
Xiaomi launches Mi 2 Basic wireless earphones for $ 45

Xiaomi today announced a new version of the Mi 2 Basic wireless headset, which is available at a low price of $ 45 and is available in select European markets.

Xiaomi introduced a new Mi 5.0 Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 Headset. The design includes two microphones that support ENC or noise cancellation depending on the environment.

The Mi 2 Basic wireless earphone also has a 14.2mm drive and supports AAC codec and high-fidelity LDHC sound. The technical data is compatible with that of the AirDots 2 and 2S helmet.

If the charging case opens automatically, the Mi 2 Basic wireless headset must support the quick pairing of the smartphone and MIUI interface. The wireless headset can charge up to 5 hours while the charging case can reach 20 hours.

Mi 2 Basic Wireless headphones also support touch sensitive volume controls to change the audio path. The wireless headset weighs 4.7 grams and the charging case weighs 48 grams. The case can be charged in an hour and a half via the USB-C port. Mi earphones are available in two main functions of white radio, around $ 40 or $ 45.


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