Apple is removing the Fortnite game from its app store
Apple is removing the Fortnite game from its app store

After the game developer rolled out its own integrated payment system, Apple removed Epic Games Fortnite from its app store, which costs more than 30% of Apple's standard price.

The move marks a major escalation in the dispute between (Epic Games) and one of the world's largest mobile app stores.

It's also a particularly difficult time for Apple as iPhone manufacturers have antitrust concerns about how to run the App Store and the rules that have been placed on some developers.

(Epic Games) has also implemented its own payment system in the Android version of Fortnite, but Google hasn't taken any action yet.

Apple said in a statement, that Apple plans to work with (Epic Games) to fix these violations so that (Fortnite) can be returned to (the App Store), but it does not intend to grant (Epic Games). private situation.

She added, "Today, Epic Games violated the (App Store) guidelines to keep the Store safe for our users. It's an unfortunate move. As a result, the Fortnite app has been removed from the Store and (Epic Games) has been activated. Features of the app that have not been reviewed or approved by Apple. The goal is to clearly violate the App Store's guidelines for in-app payments.

The (Epic Games) approach appears to be aimed at getting Apple to engage, as Fortnite Studios has shown in the new update (iOS) how the use of the integrated payment system in (Epic Games) could lower prices.

Those who have downloaded (Fortnite) on (iOS) will still be able to access the game. Since Apple removed the game from the App Store, the new download was disabled.

Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney has long complained about the App Store fees and has called for fundamental changes to the way companies like Apple and Google conduct business with outside developers.

Apple is under fire today for how it manages the App Store and its mandatory fees, and how it implements its policies in a way that some developers find unfair and possibly designed to take advantage of them. Apple is one of its competitors.

Since Fortnite was first released on mobile devices in 2018, the game has always been a standard app (iOS). Sweeney has publicly stated that his company does just that; Because there is no other way to access Apple's closed ecosystem.

This means Apple took 30% of all premium Fortnite in-app purchases to purchase Battle Pass subscription services and digital products.

Fortnite is very popular on multiple platforms, with sales reaching $ 2.4 billion in 2018 and sales of $ 1.8 billion in 2019, as players use the same account on iOS, Nintendo Switch, and PS4. Xbox One and PC. .

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