Apple: The maker of Fortnite asked us for an exception to create her own game store
Apple: The maker of Fortnite asked us for an exception to create her own game store

Apple said last Friday that the CEO of Epic Games has applied for a "side contract" to set up its own game store in the Apple App Store. The latter said the deal would reflect the company's commission-based business model.

The disclosure came in a court document released on Friday in which Apple asked a federal judge in California to deny Fortnite's request, Epic Games, to keep the game in the Apple App Store. There is a relationship between the two companies. dispute. Learn about the payment rules included in Apple apps.

In documents received by US District Court Judge (Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers) in Oakland, California, the company described the removal of the game (“Fortnite”) from the App Store earlier this month as “intentional self-harm”. As a result of Epic deliberate violation of Apple's guidelines.

After Epic launched its in-game purchase method, Apple removed the popular game, which Apple said violated App Store rules. Under these rules, games and other apps must use the company's built-in payment system, which charges commissions from 15% to 30%.

Epic sued Apple for the shooting, alleging that the iPhone maker's app store rules violated antitrust laws.

In a document provided by Judge Rogers of Oakland County Courthouse in Oakland, Apple wanted to make the dispute part of a larger commercial dispute, claiming that this was Epic CEO Tim Sweeney, requesting an exception to the facility rules for the Epic Games Store in the App Store. After Sweeney refused the request, Apple said, he criticized the way he ran the store.

The company said: Sweeney sent an email to Apple App Store President Phil Schiller (Phil Schiller) at 2 am stating that Epic would not abide by payment rules and would launch its own payment system. Pay a few hours later.

Epic recently asked a federal judge to issue an order barring the company from removing the game (Fortnite) from operating. It will cause irreversible damage to Epic. The injury will be delayed once the issue is resolved.

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