Apple requires Samsung to provide documents to protect itself
Apple requires Samsung to provide documents to protect itself

Apple tried to force rival Samsung to hand over private files to the South Korean company's app store. Because he is defending himself against allegations of anti-trust abuse.

The iPhone maker asked Samsung to delete the information in a lawsuit against Apple's allegations that it harmed developers and consumers by barring competitors from entering its app store.

After video game developer Fortnite sued over an alleged Apple monopoly loss, Apple's control of the App Store became the main topic, while CEO Tim Cook defended Apple in Washington.

Even so, Apple has been defending similar charges in US courts for more than a decade.

A group of iPhone owners claimed that Apple paid developers 30% of the cost of in-app purchases, driving prices up.

Although there is a separate group of developers who claim that this cost makes it worse for app makers.

Anyway, everyone claims that Apple can charge a fee by unfairly blocking competitors in its app store.

To deny these allegations, Apple tried to obtain a document from Samsung, 14 years old, explaining how the South Korean company runs its own app store, which is used to download and buy apps on Android phones. .

Apple said: Android phones have many app stores, including the Samsung Store, but Samsung accounts for 30% of app purchases, which means that these fees cannot be the result of an unattended monopoly.

In a legal document, the company's attorneys said that Apple intends to challenge the primary competition harm theory of plaintiff that Apple's commission is high. Because developers have to sell through their app store.

Apple has officially requested Samsung, the US company, to provide these documents, including high-level internal documents on competition between mobile platforms, as well as aggregate data about installation rates, usage, revenue, and performance in the Galaxy Store.

After iPhone users were given permission to sue Apple last year, they are considering a case against Apple that consisted of a 2007 lawsuit in a US federal court.

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