ASUS is preparing to launch 4 low-cost smartphones
ASUS is preparing to launch 4 low-cost smartphones

The latest leak confirmed that ASUS is preparing to release 4 new versions of low and mid-range phones. The leak revealed some details about these upcoming phones.

Recently, ASUS has switched from its focus on low-cost mobile phones to the ROG series of gaming mobile lines, and recent leaks confirm once again that ASUS plans to return to competing in the low-cost mobile market with a number of new releases.

The leaks indicate that the next four versions of Asus phones all come with chipsets called "Lito", "Lagoon", "Bengal" and "Scuba", which are medium to low chips. Actions.

The chip is called "Lito" and it should be Snapdragon 765 or Snapdragon 765G. This chip is known as the "Lagoon" symbol and is also said to be a mid-sized Snapdragon 690 processor chip. People expect the "Bengali" symbol to fit in this segment. Snapdragon 662 and the "Scuba" symbol are part of the Snapdragon 460 chip.

Keep in mind that this leak did not clarify any other details about the next release of the ASUS phone at a medium to low price, but it is hoped that ASUS will release a brand new version.


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