Augmented reality will be released on Apple TV Plus next year
Augmented reality will be released on Apple TV Plus next year

Bloomberg reports that Apple plans to take Apple TV Plus to the next level while adding augmented reality content to attract and retain subscribers and increase interest in technology (AR).

With the arrival of the first year of service (Apple TV Plus), the service is gradually expanding its library of premium-branded original movies and shows, as Apple has to produce dozens of TV series that year. While restrictions have been eased on the Corona virus.

Bloomberg does not replace the full augmented reality movie, but it does provide Apple TV Plus with AR as a new form of additional content accompanying the original content.

This option is similar to the director's comment or other trailer content that comes with downloading the movie and can be accessed through the app (Apple TV) on iPhone and iPad.

The report states: Among the new functions, program elements (such as characters or objects) are displayed on the viewer's phone or tablet and integrated into the environment.

He added, "If someone watches the scene of running on the moon in the show (all of humanity), they can see a virtual spaceship on the screen of their devices. It looks like it is floating on it. The coffee table is in the living room."

According to Bloomberg, Apple originally planned to launch the feature this fall. However, due to software development and production lag in Hollywood, the pandemic delayed the schedule.

(Apple TV Plus) This year's first free trial will expire on November 1, 2020.

Bloomberg said in the same report that Apple will likely retain free access, but it may not be at the same time of year.

Apple also intends to increase the number of subscribers to the service (Apple TV Plus) by integrating it with other services.

The company launched Apple TV Plus, Showtime, and CBS program packages last week and are offering huge discounts on ordering every service.

Bloomberg previously reported that Apple is preparing a service package called (Apple One). The service package (Apple TV Plus), (Apple Music), (Apple Arcade) and (Apple News Plus) offers preferential rates compared to the subscription of each service. Broke up with them.

Apple is expected to announce the plan with this year's iPhone 12 series.

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