Facebook and Twitter intensify the war against electoral misinformation
Facebook and Twitter intensify the war against electoral misinformation

Social media platforms have stepped up their battle against disinformation related to the US elections. Facebook has set up a hub that allows users to access survey-related resources, and Twitter has expanded its disinformation bases for mail polls and early polls.

Previously, online social networks criticized the so-called tolerance of fake news and misleading advertising activities. Many people believe that this affected the results of the 2016 presidential election.

Twitter's decision will include a new proposed policy "to confirm specific information about all available voting options, including: by email and early voting."

"We are determined to introduce new partnerships, tools and guidance. Give everyone the right to join and vote," Jessica Herrera Flanigan, Twitter's vice president of public policy in America, told Reuters in an email.

Facebook has created a polling information center that allows users to obtain accurate information and easily find voting information anywhere. The company said in a blog that it was also talking to those responsible for disinformation about the election results, which is an emerging threat.

Twitter announced that it will take action on new voting tools, tips and resources next month. It examines how to expand the “Citizen Integrity Handbook”, and can correct errors in describing postal voting and other processes. More details on this step are pending.

US President Donald Trump has repeatedly claimed that there is no evidence that mail voting is vulnerable to widespread fraud, particularly due to the outbreak of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) COVID-19, which is expected to increase dramatically. .

This process is not uncommon in the United States, where nearly a quarter of voters conducted the 2016 presidential election in this manner. Several experts said that the bureaucracy and fragmentation of the US elections make it difficult to interfere with voting by mail.

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