Facebook connects users to their news feed
Facebook connects users to their news feed

Facebook continues to search for the best way to advertise reliable information on the platform. One of the following methods can be to link user profiles to their message subscriptions.

The company announced that it is working with publishers to test the new account linking feature. When Facebook detects that a user is collaborating with a common source, it will ask the user to link their subscription account.

Once the account is linked and the user clicks the link in the Facebook paid subscription system, they can access the content without logging in.

Users linking their accounts will see more articles from these Facebook News publishers.

Facebook is testing this feature with a few publishers like The Atlantic and Winnipeg Free Press, and initial test results look promising.

In a blog post, the company said that users who linked their Facebook accounts saw a 111% increase in article clicks in June compared to users who did not link their accounts.

“People are overwhelmed with accounts and passwords. One of the most common complaints from readers is that they do not do this. No. Not surprisingly, they don't communicate much. In this case,” Christian Banson, vice president of digital affairs at Winnipeg Free Press, said in a statement. Of course, they cannot remember their username or password.

He added, "Once a reader subscribes to his subscription, every visit to Facebook with us provides a smooth and hassle-free experience with the expected content."

Platforms like Facebook, Apple, and Publisher are currently still collaborating. Facebook is said to have given publishers millions of dollars in private news brands, and the company is now expanding into more countries.

The social media giant said it was determined to promote original coverage but was also trying to find adequate local coverage.

By posting reliable information on the platform, you can regain control of misinformation on a large scale. This feature could also allow publishers to offer more personalized experiences and recommendations via Facebook, or it could be another way for the giants to get more data.

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