Facebook deleted 7 million messages with incorrect information about Corona
Facebook deleted 7 million messages with incorrect information about Corona

Today, Tuesday, Facebook announced the deletion of 7 million posts in the second quarter of 2020 for containing misleading information about the emerging corona virus (Covid-19), which included inappropriate preventive measures and over-treatment.

Facebook released the data as part of its sixth implementation of the Community Standards Report, which was first released in 2018, and has also issued stricter enforcement rules in response to strong opposition to its loose approach. Monitor platform content.

Facebook said it will invite external experts from 2021 to independently review the metrics used in the report.

Facebook, which owns the world's largest social network, removed about 22.5 million hate speech from its main apps in the second quarter, up from 9.6 million in the first quarter. 8.7 million publications of extremist organizations were removed, compared to 6.3 million in the previous period.

Facebook said: In April, May and June, the number of commenters in the office decreased due to the coronavirus epidemic, so comments on automation technology increased.

Facebook said in a blog post that this resulted in the company taking fewer actions on its platform regarding suicide, self-harm, child nudity and sexual exploitation.

The company said it was expanding its hate speech policy "to include black-faced content or stereotypes about Jews who control the world."

Some politicians and public figures in the United States have black faces and have sparked controversy. The practice dates back to the nineteenth century but has long been used to humiliate African Americans.

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