Find my phone available for offline devices
Find my phone available for offline devices

Samsung has released an app update (Find My Phone) for Galaxy devices that are not connected to a wireless or cellular network.

Samsung has developed the (Find My Phone) application that allows you to remotely locate the device, backup data to Samsung Cloud, delete local data and block access to (Samsung Pay) if lost. Or theft.

However, the app requires an active network connection in order to perform all of the above functions. If your device loses network coverage, you will not be able to use the app to find it.

The latest update to the app (version adds a new feature called Offline Search. Even if your device is not connected to the network, you can still use someone else's Galaxy device to find the phone.

This feature also allows other users to use your phone to search for lost Galaxy devices nearby.

Additionally, this feature can help you find Galaxy watches and headphones connected to the device.

Once the phone receives the latest update for the application (Find My Phone) on the Samsung device, the phone will immediately display a notification about the new feature.

Click the notification to open its settings page, where you can enable the feature by clicking the toggle button in the upper right corner.

You can also encrypt offline storage locations from the same settings page. Once you enable this feature, you can still find your phone even when you are not connected to the Internet.

According to users searching the SmartThings app, this feature is currently only available in the US and South Korea.

Offline search optimizes the network of nearby Galaxy devices. It's similar to the community search function used when the tile tracker is out of Bluetooth.

If you cannot find your phone over a wireless or cellular connection, it may be possible to find it from a nearby Galaxy device.

It is not clear what specific technology the community network will use, or what watches and headphones will find this feature.

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